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The counseling center supports migrant women in the Zurich area who are victims of exploitation or violence.


FIZ advises migrant women who suffer exploitation or violence at the hands of their husbands, partners, employers or other people around them. We also support migrant sex workers who face difficulties such as a complex bureaucracy when applying for a work permit. Our doors are open to women from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe who are having problems with their residency permits or undocumented status.

FIZ supports women in developing and realizing their individual perspectives and life strategies. We also facilitate access to social institutions and their services.

Our counseling services can take place in person or on the telephone. They are always free and confidential.

Basic Approach

Migrant women who are victims of violence are hampered in developing their own views as a result of structural, sexual, physical and psychological violence. The FIZ Counseling Center supports migrant women in finding their strengths and their ability to make decisions and act, so that they can regain control of their lives.

Respect and tolerance are core values in counseling. The clients’ resources and coping strategies, their inner strength and will power, must be recognized and put to use. The relationship with the client takes place on equal footing. The client is the decision-maker and protagonist, who is supported in her decision-making process by the counselor. Actions are mutually discussed. She is empowered and understands the situation she is in.

Empathy, solidarity and a holistic approach are the foundation of our counseling work. As a matter of principle, we are on the side of the women, regardless of their skin color, origin, religion or social status. We support all steps toward autonomy and self-determination.